Dry wells are constructed beneath your lawn using landscaping fabric to stabilize the well body. Gravel or crushed concrete are then placed over the fabric to hold it in place, acting as a sieve so the water can be absorbed back into the earth. Channel drains, yard drains, and French drains route water to dry wells.

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Dry Well Repair, Installation, & Maintenance

Channel Drain Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Catch basins, aka yard drains, are used to drain standing surface water from the grassy part of your lawn. Yard drains like this have a well area beneath that stores excess water poured through the drain’s grates until the ground soil can absorb it back into the earth.

Unlike french or yard drains installed in your yard’s soil, channel drains are installed on hard surfaces that water cannot penetrate. The purpose of channel drains is to prevent water pooling, puddling, or flowing toward homes or buildings. Channel drains can be installed in concrete driveways to prevent water from puddles and standing water around a home’s perimeter. Channel drains are also common around pool areas to prevent slippage from excess water.

Is your French drain blocked or in need of debris removal? Our professional landscaping team can install French drain systems, perform repairs to fix drainage problems, and perform annual maintenance to ensure the drainage system is in good working order.

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We have licensed landscape irrigation technicians who oversee the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of landscape drainage systems. We repair, maintain, and repair many types of lawn maintenance systems in homes including but not limited to: