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We provide a broad range of residential and commercial landscape irrigation and yard drainage services. There are four different types of drainage systems: surface, slope, gutter, and subsurface, aka French drains. These are just a few of the systems we install and maintain.

Landscaping Irrigation & Drainage System Services

We use a combination of AutoCad and hand renderings to design custom drainage systems, planning out every last detail before installation. We’re Texas licensed water operators (TCEQ License # TX LI0018754), bringing 26 years of experience designing draining systems for residential and commercial application. From commercial hardscaping drainage to channel drains around backyard swimming pools, we have the knowledge and skill to design and build the best drainage system for your specific needs.


Heavy rainfall can wash away flower beds, mulch, and other landscaping features without a well- designed drainage system. We can prevent mulch washout using a few different techniques; strategically placed drainage is one of them.

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When you hire us for landscaping service you know we will get the job done right the first time. Our team of professional garden irrigation experts carefully installs each pipe, segment, and joist to ensure the highest quality drain performance. We are a family-owned and operated landscaping company who are proud to serve our local community. We know you have several choices when it comes to landscape drainage and irrigation companies in the Katy area, but we can’t wait to earn your business and trust.

Looking for a licensed landscape irrigation company in Katy, Fulshear, or Houston, Texas? JMAS has continuously served your local community for 26 years, providing quality, high end landscaping services to homeowners and businesses. Contact us to request a free quote for landscape irrigation design, installation, repair, or maintenance services. You can also email us after hours to request a quote.

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When it rains it pours in the Houston area, sometimes for days. That’s why having proper drainage in your yard is so important. You don’t want your grass to get washed down the gutters, and you definitely don’t want standing water in your yard because mosquitos will lay eggs in it. Gross!

Negative yard grading occurs when the slope of your land is angled so that water flows toward a home or structure instead of away from it. As you can imagine, negative grading can cause all sorts of undesirable conditions like flooding, water damage, and a muddy, water logged lawn.

We can install a combination of catch basins, french drains, drip drains, and/or channel drains so that water is carried out to the storm drains like it’s supposed to when it rains. But we don’t just eyeball it; we survey the property or yard and map out any inconsistent positive and negative slopes, sometimes recommending land grading to ensure proper downward sloping toward the street drains.