New Customer Agreement

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Lawn service is to be provided on a weekly basis on a scheduled day each week during the growing season (March through October) and every other week during the months of November, December, January and February. In the event of inclement weather, the services provided will be scheduled for the next available day.  If there are several days of inclement weather, then we may have to skip your service that week.  Lawn service will include mowing all turf areas, trimming all turf areas inaccessible to mower with line trimmer, edging all walkways and driveways, and blowing all resulting clippings with a power blower.   If you are not satisfied with the level of service you are being provided, please notify us immediately so that we can correct this in a timely manner.

Texas Lawn Care strives to complete work in a respectable manner each and every visit.  Texas Lawn Care is not responsible for any damage of items left on turf areas and/or malfunctioning sprinkler heads.  There is no obligation for either party to continue service.  Either party may terminate this agreement by serving a 7-day written notice - e-mail is preferred.  Texas Lawn Care does not provide one-time lawn maintenance services.  A minimum of 4 services is required before cancellation.  The credit card provided will be billed for 4 services (minimum).  Texas Lawn Care shall submit invoices by the 5th of each month for services rendered during the previous month.  If you have additional services (larger invoice amount), we will contact you prior to running your payment.  No payment shall be taken during time of service.  If the credit card provided is rejected, Texas Lawn Care will contact you to provide another payment method.  All services will be temporarily stopped on any delinquent account until full payment for services rendered has been received. In the event of default the client agrees to reimburse Texas Lawn Care all administrative costs, collection costs, attorney fees, recording fees and/or court costs.

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