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Pool Privacy Tree Ideas

The best species to use in southwest or desert style pool landscape designs include dryscape elements that need little to no water, cactus, and drought resistant desert flowers. Some of our customers’ favorites include spiked agave, prickly pear, white sands cactus, and scarlet hedgehog cactus.

If you live near a busy road or restaurant, try to incorporate water features like fountains to drown out the noise with the tranquil sound of flowing water. Customer favorites include traditional water fountains, feature wall waterfalls, rain curtains, and urn fountains. Create a modern, luxury feel by incorporating elements materials like granite, Blackstar gravel, and travertine in the water feature’s design.

Irrigation System Repair After Pool Installation

If you’re going for the tropical oasis look, think of planting colorful varieties like bird of paradise, red justiciar, succulents, desert lavender, and bougainvillea.

Best Pool Privacy Landscaping Options

Some of the best tree varieties to plant around a pool or along your backyard fence line include queen palm trees, Mexican palm trees, arborvitae evergreen trees, live oak trees, and banana trees.​

Which Plants, Trees, and Shrubs are Best for Pool Landscaping?

Did your pool building company damage your lawn irrigation system? It happens a lot more often than most people think. We get calls requesting sprinkler irrigation system and drainage repair after pool installations a few times a week. Our licensed irrigation operators can assess the damage, and provide an honest estimate to fix parts of the irrigation system the pool builders broke.

When you decided to install a pool, you likely had a style or theme in mind for your private backyard escape. Some of the most popular landscape design ideas and styles for 2021 include tropical, lush oasis, modern, hardscape, southwest, Spanish, Hawaiian, Mediterranean, and Grecian. We can also create custom landscaping ideas by mixing styles and elements that compliment one another.

For example, topiary landscaping elements mix well with modern landscape design elements around pools because of their clean lines and structure. Tropical and Hawaiian elements compliment one another because they both combine lush greenery and flower elements with texture and height variance.

Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

Plant Evergreen varieties, live oak trees, Texas bottlebrush, and boxwood hedges round the perimeter of your backyard fence for more privacy. You might even want to consider purchasing some privacy screens to place near the edge of your pool.

Install a pool retaining wall with a raised bed garden around your swimming pool. This not only creates more privacy; it helps create a sound barrier for audible privacy.

Looking for creative landscaping ideas after having a pool installed in your backyard? Contact JMAS Texas Lawn Care to schedule a free quote for pool landscaping. Our family-owned company has served the Katy, Texas community for over 22 years, and we can’t wait to make your backyard an oasis. You have so many options when it comes to pool landscaping companies in the Katy and West Houston area. We hope to earn your business for life. Whether you have a landscaping design style in mind or you are still scouring the internet for just the right look, we’re here to make it happen. Schedule a design consultation with our landscape architects and designers today.

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Best Plants for Tropical Themed Landscaping

Consider privacy landscape ideas if your neighbors have two-story homes that seem to tower over your family’s swimming pool. Hedges or bushes around the pool help create privacy on the ground floor, but if you want plants and trees to create privacy from second story windows you need trees and hedges with dense foliage.

Contact us online or call 281-392-1106 to request an appointment with our pool landscape designers and architects. We’ll discuss your needs, pool and yard dimensions, and propose a design that fits within your budget that fits the style you have in mind. Our Katy pool landscapers also serve homes and businesses in Fulshear and Richmond, Texas.

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The best plant species to use around pools are species that do not shed, plants that need full sun, and that are hardy enough to withstand sunburn from pool reflections and either chlorine or saltwater splashes. If you’re looking to do some landscaping around the pool cage, you don’t have to worry about shedding leaves, flowers, and twigs.There are various considerations to think about including how much water they need including size when they mature, tree root growth, how much privacy they provide around the pool, and how hard it is to prune and shape them.

Since you already have to care for and maintain your pool it is probably a good idea to consider low maintenance landscaping options that only require seasonal pruning and fertilization. You might consider adding dryscape elements or synthetic grass if you are concerned about your water bill and carbon footprint.

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Best Trees to Plant Around Pool

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Best Southwest Desert Style Pool Plants