Need St. Augustine, Bermuda, or shade tolerant Zoysia turf, or another type of grass sod installed in Katy or Fulshear, Texas? Contact us to schedule a free quote for installation and labor. Our landscapers install sod for HOAs, community associations, neighborhoods, property managers, homeowners, businesses, and more. You can trust JMAS Texas Lawn Care with all of your yard work and landscaping needs. We have 26 years of experience laying sod, designing gardens, and maintaining landscaping. We can't wait to see how we can help you upgrade the grass in your yard with a professional sod installation.

Sod Services

Our sod, aka turf services include many species of grass including lush St. Augustine, Bermuda, and shade-tolerant Zoysia.

  • Sod delivery by the pallet

  • Pre-Installation Prep
  • Sod installation

  • Sod maintenance

  • Sod Delivery

  • Sod Repair
  • Dead grass replacement

Why Install Sod?

Laying sod is the easiest way to grow a thick, green, lush lawn. Sod grass is fast-growing and less prone to disease and drought than grass grown from seed alone.

Which neighborhood associations around Katy and Fulshear allow St. Augustine sod to be installed?

Most neighborhoods including Cinco Ranch, Cinco Ranch Southwest, Cinco Ranch Northwest, Rosedale Subdivision, Weston Lakes, and Grand Lakes allow sod grass in the front yard of homes. One of the largest neighborhoods that doesn’t allow St. Augustine sod installation (per their homeowners’ association) is Cross Creek Ranch. However, it isn't uncommon to see it growing in many front yards there.

Does sod come in a standard size or does it need to be purchased by the pallet?

The standard size of a single sod piece is 20" x 40". A pallet of sod is enough to cover 450 sqft. If you don't need the whole pallet we recommend purchasing single strips because sod dries out quickly so the rest would likely go to waste.

Request a Sod Installation Quote

Contact JMAS Texas Lawn Care to request a quote for sod installation or call (281) 392-1106 to speak with a member of our residential or commercial landscaping team today.

Professional Sod Installation Katy & Fulshear TX


Professional Sod Installation in Katy & Fulshear by the Pallet

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