Professional Sod Installation in Katy & Fulshear by the Pallet

Need St. Augustine or another type of grass sod installed in Katy or Fulshear, Texas? Contact us to schedule a free quote for installation and labor. Our landscapers install sod for community associations, neighborhoods, property managers, and homeowners. You can trust JMAS Texas Lawn Care with all of your yard work and landscaping needs. We have 26 years of experience laying sod, designing gardens, and maintaining landscaping.

Sod Services

Our sod services include:

  • Sod delivery by the pallet

  • Sod installation

  • Sod aeration

  • Sod maintenance

  • Fertilizing Sod

  • Sod Delivery

  • Pre-emergent weed prevention treatment

Why Install Sod?

Laying sod is the easiest way to grow a thick, green, lush lawn. Sod grass is fast-growing and less prone to disease and drought than grass grown from seed alone.

Which neighborhood associations around Katy and Fulshear allow St. Augustine sod to be installed?

Most neighborhoods including Cinco Ranch, Cinco Ranch Southwest, Cinco Ranch Northwest, Rosedale Subdivision, Weston Lakes, and Grand Lakes allow sod grass in the front yard of homes. One of the largest neighborhoods that don’t allow St. Augustine sod installation (per their homeowners’ association) is Cross Creek Ranch.

What process does professional sod installation entail?

Professional sod installers perform a series of tasks before, during, and after the grass squares are laid in place.  

  1. Test the soil’s acidity and pH levels.

  2. Measure the square footage to see how much sod is needed.

  3. Use a rototiller to aerate the soil about half a foot underground and ensure it is level.

  4. Rake the area to loosen the soil and ensure it is level, removing any rocks or other debris.

  5. If you’re laying turf sod, lay whole pieces edge to edge without overlapping.

  6. If you’re laying grass sod rolls, cut every other piece in half first to stagger them like a checkerboard.

  7. Compress sod with a lawn roller to ensure the bottom of each piece adheres to the soil below.

  8. Water sod daily the first week after installation.

  9. The second week after installation water the sod every other day.

  10. The third week after installation water the installed sod only twice to encourage deep root growth.

  11. Wait two weeks or until the sod is at least 3 inches tall to mow the grass.

  12. One month after installing the grass apply starter fertilizer.

Request a Sod Installation Quote

Contact JMAS Texas Lawn Care to request a quote for sod installation or call (281) 392-1106 to speak with a member of our residential or commercial landscaping team today.

Professional Sod Installation Katy & Fulshear TX