Yard Grading & Leveling Service

One of the most common complaints we get regarding grading is a bumpy yard that doesn’t drain properly after heavy rain. When homes are initially built the yard may have appeared even and sloped properly. However, once the home and foundation have had time to settle grading issues can develop.
If water pools in puddles throughout your lawn you may need to have landscape drainage installed, which may include a combination of french drains, channel drains, and/or catch basins. We have decades of experience regrading yards and commercial property in Southeast Texas.


Lawn Grading Services

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Our landscape grading services include but are not limited to:

Need yard leveling or resloping service to fix your bumpy backyard or front yard? JMAS provides landscape grading service throughout the greater Katy, West Houston, and Fulshear, Texas area. Whether you have a negative slope pushing water toward your house instead of away from it or you need to have your entire commercial property graded before a development project, we can help. Call (281) 392-1106 or email us to schedule a free quote for professional lawn grading service.

  • Resloping negative grading to pull water away from your home’s foundation
  • Grading to lower slope from home
  • Backyard grading
  • Yard leveling
  • Evening out bumpy yards
  • Excavating dirt from around home to slope downward toward street drainsDesigning and installing a drainage system to pull water from lawn

Serving the Katy, Richmond, West Houston, or Fulshear, Texas. We look forward to creating designer landscape lighting you’ll be proud of.